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EM Strategies, a WestLand Resources, Inc. Company, is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm assisting development, industrial, utility, and natural resource industries with property development needs, evaluation of environmental effects and compliance with ever-changing regulations. EM Strategies is an employee‑owned, client‑focused Company operating successfully since incorporation in 2000. Based in Reno and Elko, Nevada, EM Strategies has served natural resource and other development clients throughout the western United States (US) specializing in third party and proponent based work with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Forest Service (USFS), and state and local governments.

EM Strategies, a WestLand Resources, Inc. Company, offers a full suite of environmental consulting services utilizing highly experienced team members with strong technical expertise. Our team members’ extensive experience directly benefits our clients in assessing, evaluating, and complying with environmental and regulatory requirements. Our knowledgeable team includes geologists, biologists, botanists, archaeologists, environmental specialists, Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists, Certified Environmental Managers, Certified Professionals in Erosion Control (CPESC), Certified Professionals in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ), and a fully staffed administrative support team. We recognize their merit and respect their dignity. Staff members are encouraged to be active participants in professional organizations so that new knowledge and techniques can be applied to ongoing projects. We provide a safe work environment and provide the proper tools for our employees to succeed. Employee development, advancement, and ownership create a high-performance culture.

EM Strategies’ mission is to meet our clients’ needs in the delivery of accurate, high-quality, cost‑effective, results-driven consulting solutions. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. EM Strategies anticipates industry changes, by continuously improving and developing our products and services applying sound scientific approaches. Quality control and attention to detail are an integral part of our process ensuring the best possible product. Integrity is a core value of our Company and brand; our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical and professional standards. EM Strategies works regularly with agency staff and decision-makers on the development or clarification of agency regulations or interpretations. EM Strategies is committed to understanding the limits of agency jurisdiction with the responsibility to help clients and agencies achieve acceptable decisions.

EM Strategies plans, manages, and conducts field baseline surveys and  impact assessments for biological resources (including threatened, endangered, and sensitive wildlife and vegetation species); noxious weeds; cultural resources and Native American issues; visual resources (including the preparation of photo simulations for the presentation of visual effects); noise; hydrologic resources (including groundwater resources and impact studies, wetland delineations, and waters of the US@ assessments); air resources (including pollutant emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, and air quality impact assessments); geology and geologic hazards (including mineral resource assessments); reclamation issues; socioeconomics; and cumulative impacts. In addition, EM Strategies= staff has performed environmental site assessments on mineral properties; environmental permit audits; and hazardous waste and material management analyses (including mining‑related waste rock and pit lake characterizations for the evaluation of acid generation potential and ground water effects and environmental fate assessments). Federal, state and local regulatory agencies frequently compliment EM Strategies’ environmental assessment documents on their high-quality technical content, clarity, and readability.

Registrations and Accreditations

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection – Certified Environmental Manager

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control – No. 8144

Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality – No. 1101

SAM – System for Award Management


Nevada Corporation File Number: 17740-2000

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Number: 004069923

Northern Nevada Better Business Bureau

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